Our Story

Embrace the Spirit. Grab it by the Horns.

Filipino Culture.

The kalabaw is a domestic water buffalo and is the national animal of the Philippines. It symbolises the traits of perseverance and hardwork, making it a perfect representation of the message we want to spread as a brand. In our culture, through working hard daily and grabbing life by the horns, valuable time is earnt to cherish with family and friends. Through wearing our clothing, we want our community to embrace this spirit and feel the culture.

The Mission

The mission is to inspire our community through the spirit of the Kalabaw and to spread the culture and energy of the Philippine islands to anyone wanting to grab life by the horns.

Building A Community

The end goal is to build a global community. Starting in the UK and spreading across Europe and into Asia, Australia and America. We want the spirit of the Kalabaw felt globally, with our community seeing each other wearing the logo on their chest and feeling an immediate connection. Once we grow, we aim to partner with a charity in the Philippines, donating to and supporting a great cause. Become a part of this growth and join us from the start of our journey.

Business made by brothers

Founded by Luc & Tomas Smith, brothers both born in Manila, Philippines. Lucky enough to have travelled across Asia, Europe, Australia and America, we have been exposed to and crossed paths with many people who share the spirit of our brand.

Limited Edition Designs

Our designs are carefully created to be premium quality and representative of the messages we want to spread. Our collections will be made available in the form of drops where, when the products sell out, they will never be available again. We use the number 82 as the quantity stocked for each limited edition piece representing the number of provinces in the Philippines (as of 2023). This makes each product unique by giving each customer their exclusive number for the drop. A cool way of becoming a part of the community!

Support the brand and join the community! We are buzzing to go on this journey with you all…

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